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My name is Donald Goudreau I have been a client of Ushus Therapy Services for approximately 6 months.  I was referred to Usha by my endocrinologist, Dr. Beatrice Olson.  Dr Olson had been tapering me off of prednisone after taking it for asthma for about 30 years.  As the dose was gradually lowered, my body pain increased to the point of being unable to continue working and barely functioning.  I literally had to crawl up the stairs to go to bed each night.

After just a few visits with Usha, my body  started to respond to treatment.  I can actually stand up straight again.  My pain has decreased from a constant ‘10’ to occasional discomfort in the ‘1 to 3’ range.  The treatment was like no other therapy I ever experienced.  Without exception, I always left each session feeling better,  both physically and mentally.  This was a ‘first’ for me!  I had both OT and PT there, and received exceptional care from Usha and everyone there.  I believe that this unique therapy has given me my life back, enabling me to even go walking, do some yard work, and actually function at work again.

The care and concern I have gotten truly has been life changing for me.  Not only have I received excellent treatment, but feel I have developed special new friendships with Usha and her staff.       
With my deepest and sincerest thanks,   
Don Goudreau  (April 26th, 2011)

My name is Anthony Campbell, and I am a Sergeant with the New Haven police department.  On March 16, 2006, 
I was seriously injured in the line of duty.  A car full of fleeing felons crashed through a fence behind which I was standing.  
I was launched several feet into the air and landed on my head, sustaining injuries to my neck, shoulder and arm.  
After almost a year of intense traditional physical therapy, my neurologist advised me to find a new career, because he felt certain that I would never regain mobility or attain the extent of pain relief that was necessary to work in law enforcement again. 

Despite considerable pain, I went back to school to finish my Master's Degree, and it was there that I met someone who, seeing the pain I was in, recommended that I come to Ushus Therapy.  That was in February of 2008.  Right away, I began treatment with Usha and her very talented, capable, compassionate staff.  My therapy was rigorous, but I soon began to feel the benefits.  I gained more and more mobility and finally began to see my intense and constant pain diminish.

On September 2, 2009, I was released to full duty at work, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  I know I would not have been able to achieve such outstanding results had Ushus Therapy not come into my life.

Unfortunately, I was injured again in the line of duty on May 25, 2010.  This time it was an auto accident, and it caused injury to much the same areas of my body as before.  What is different this time, though, is that one of the very first things I did, even while I was still in the hospital, was to schedule an appointment at Ushus Therapy.  Now, five months later, I am already so far ahead in my recovery process than I was with my first injury.  I feel certain that I will again experience a full recovery, and I have no doubt in my mind that I have Ushus Therapy to thank for that.  They have ministered to me body, mind and spirit, and I know that I will once again be healthy and whole because of the outstanding therapy I have received under their care.    
Anthony "Soup" Campbell  (October 8th, 2010)